January 26, 2009

Uncover the CAR of the Future this October

Most of the car manufacturers today are developing the next evolution in the automobile technology and keep on innovating an advance automobile which is more environmental friendly or most commonly known as green vehicles.

An automobile company, Aptera Motors developed an all-electric three-wheeled two-seater car with a futuristic design and named it as 2e. This car gets the equivalent of 200 mpg and can run in the driveways as far as 100 miles on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery pack!

According to Aptera, they will start a full production of 2e this coming October and their target is to build an ultra-efficient, high-mileage vehicle without sacrificing comfort and safety. In addition, it may only be a three-seater car but the room is enough to load around 15 bags of groceries, two sets of golf clubs or a surfboard.

The 2e models will only be available in California for now but Aptera is hoping to broaden it sales nationwide so they can work on a new model. The price will range from $25,000 to $45,000 (around Php. 1,175,000 to Php. 2.115.000 ). Well the price is quite expensive, but here are the pictures for you to check out!

Aptera 2e Uncover the CAR of the Future this OctoberAptera 2e Uncover the CAR of the Future this October*image/s from the net


Nanaybelen said...

so cute cars ha. Looks like an elegant toy cars. hehe

med said...

i am sure wealthy teenagers will buy those kind of cars

bart said...

can i have that toy car please hehehe

Jov said...

this is cool! i never thought that they'll going to designed a futuristic car for real. :)

Nancy said...

pretty cool car!

nahj12 said...


jes said...

totally cool! and totally expensive. hehehe. :))

rose said...

wow hanep ang cute ng kotse ha ang galing nag-imbento nyan.

Evil M said...

ganda naman ng mga cars.. hehehe.. kailan kaya malalagay dito yung car na umaandar na gamit ay Tubig!!!


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aiLee920 said...

happy valentine's day!!!


Anonymous said...

I won't be surprise one day cars will be flying around the city...hehe

Eto nga oh parang lilipad na, lolz

cheers chukoy!

Anonymous said...

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lamo said...

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chubskulit said...


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edelweiza said...

wow, nakakabilib naman ito! :)

jens said...

wow,, this car looks like an aeroplane


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