January 26, 2009

Uncover the CAR of the Future this October

Most of the car manufacturers today are developing the next evolution in the automobile technology and keep on innovating an advance automobile which is more environmental friendly or most commonly known as green vehicles.

An automobile company, Aptera Motors developed an all-electric three-wheeled two-seater car with a futuristic design and named it as 2e. This car gets the equivalent of 200 mpg and can run in the driveways as far as 100 miles on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery pack!

According to Aptera, they will start a full production of 2e this coming October and their target is to build an ultra-efficient, high-mileage vehicle without sacrificing comfort and safety. In addition, it may only be a three-seater car but the room is enough to load around 15 bags of groceries, two sets of golf clubs or a surfboard.

The 2e models will only be available in California for now but Aptera is hoping to broaden it sales nationwide so they can work on a new model. The price will range from $25,000 to $45,000 (around Php. 1,175,000 to Php. 2.115.000 ). Well the price is quite expensive, but here are the pictures for you to check out!

Aptera 2e Uncover the CAR of the Future this OctoberAptera 2e Uncover the CAR of the Future this October*image/s from the net

January 22, 2009

WiFi Cybershot!

Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot WiFi CameraSony DSC-G3 Cybershot WiFi Camera*image/s from the net

To all picture addicts out there, SONY has a good news for you! If you are fond of taking pictures and enjoy sharing it in the online world, you may want to check the latest Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot WiFi Camera. It is the newest 10.1 megapixel camera of Sony with a wireless internet connectivity (802.11b/g)

So wherever you are and whenever you want you can always share and upload your photos plus videos from your Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot directly to the popular sharing sites such as YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket, Shutterfly and DailyMotion and that's definitely for FREE as long as you can get a WiFi hotspot to open your Sony home page.

Sony DSC-G3 Cybershot comes with 4GB internal memory which allows you to store up to 950 high-resolution shots and allows you to add a Memory Stick Pro Duo if you want to store more than your 950 shots! And because of its advanced internal photo management system you have the option to store and sort your pictures either by face, by date or by favorites and maneuver your shots with it's 3.5" LCD touch screen display!

This is so exciting because you don't need to be a PRO to capture every moments! To learn more about the additional features click HERE

January 11, 2009

World's First OLED TV from SONY

World's First OLED TV from SONY; Sony Organic LED XEL-1 TV*image from the net

Imagine your TV screen is just a 3 millimeters thin with a screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels? Whew! It's like having a cardboard-thin TV screen! Sony just recently released the latest in television technology and called it Sony Organic LED XEL-1 TV. The screen is made of organic light emitting diode (OLED), which only emits a bright light when electric current passes through and not spilling some lights from each pixel. So the result of this technology is an astounding color, brightness and image contrast. Yes it is far better than LCD and Plasma TV!

Sony's is using STE (Super Top Emission) Technology which produces an extraordinary and amazing picture quality. As Sony stated, “It produces deep blacks, brilliant whites, and vibrant colors in between. A blazing fast response time provides smooth and natural reproduction of fast-moving images."

Sony Organic LED XEL-1 is only 11-inch-wide, and I think it’s too small to work as your living room TV. But big things come in small packages, that's why Sony make sure that this 11 inches TV comes with BIG and great features. So this TV is just perfect for your office or as your personal bedroom TV. You can slant the screen at any viewing angle you want without compromising picture quality. You can also enjoy browsing your personal photos while listening to your favorite music because of the built-in Memory Stick slot and MP3.

The current price of the product in market is $2,499.99 (almost P122.000). Whew! Right now, Sony Organic LED XEL-1 is not yet available in the country. Hope we can see one in the coming months.

January 4, 2009

LG Watch Phone Unveiled!

LG G-GD910 watch phone
LG G-GD910 watch phone
*images from the net

Are you excited with the upcoming gadgets this year? If you still remember those secret gadgets of James Bond and Dick Tracy, we can now see one of those in real life. As an opening salvo for 2009, let's take a look at the latest gadget of LG Electronics, the LG's G-GD910 watch phone which will officially introduce this January 08-11 for the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The LG's G-GD910 watch phone comes with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA compatibility or 3G connectivity mounted with a built in camera for video calling. For texters out there, the watch has a scroll wheel that let you scroll through the letters and numbers and a 1.43 inch touchscreen. The screen might be too small as a virtual pad but don’t worry because it has a support voice-dialing and speech recognition for Text-to-Speech texting. Additional amazing features are music playback and Bluetooth capabilities.

Am so excited to get one! I will surely watch this in the market!

December 31, 2008


December 26, 2008

What a Christmas Present!

Finding the best Christmas present is really a big headache. There are alot of things you need to consider to make someone happy with your gifts. This Christmas I received a USB Christmas tree from a good friend that she ordered online. This is pretty amazing gadget that will help me save energy everytime I do my work at night hehehe.. Just plug it into a spare USB port and it will lights up! Like an ordinary Christmas lights, it blinks and change color every seconds using neon colors including Red, Green, Blue and Cyan. Thanks to a dear friend to this dazzling gift! And everytime I light this up, it makes me want to sing a Christmas carol.

USB Christmas Tree

December 15, 2008


LG KP500 Cookie touch screen phoneIt's not yet the end of the mobiles phones battle for this quarter because for the last minute, LG recognize the mobile war as they unveils their high-end full touch screen phone KP500 also known as LG COOKIE!

LG Cookie is the most affordable high-end full touch screen mobile in the market today as it cost P11,900 only (almost $250). This is the answer of LG to all the consumers who would like to experience a high quality touch screen technology at very affordable and reasonable price.

This mobile comes with a 3.0 inch wide screen and a slim size of 11mm thick, 8GB microSD storage, MP3 music, built-in 3 mega pixel camera and almost of the same features you can see and experience in a leading touch screen mobile like iPhone and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. The only thing this phone bothers me and makes me think twice to avail it is the unavailability of WiFi or 3G capability. :(

I am looking forward that LG will come up with the same mobile price with an added feature of WIFI or 3G this coming year. To view more features of LG Cookie, click HERE.

LG KP500 Cookie touch screen phone

*images from the net