December 31, 2008


December 26, 2008

What a Christmas Present!

Finding the best Christmas present is really a big headache. There are alot of things you need to consider to make someone happy with your gifts. This Christmas I received a USB Christmas tree from a good friend that she ordered online. This is pretty amazing gadget that will help me save energy everytime I do my work at night hehehe.. Just plug it into a spare USB port and it will lights up! Like an ordinary Christmas lights, it blinks and change color every seconds using neon colors including Red, Green, Blue and Cyan. Thanks to a dear friend to this dazzling gift! And everytime I light this up, it makes me want to sing a Christmas carol.

USB Christmas Tree

December 15, 2008


LG KP500 Cookie touch screen phoneIt's not yet the end of the mobiles phones battle for this quarter because for the last minute, LG recognize the mobile war as they unveils their high-end full touch screen phone KP500 also known as LG COOKIE!

LG Cookie is the most affordable high-end full touch screen mobile in the market today as it cost P11,900 only (almost $250). This is the answer of LG to all the consumers who would like to experience a high quality touch screen technology at very affordable and reasonable price.

This mobile comes with a 3.0 inch wide screen and a slim size of 11mm thick, 8GB microSD storage, MP3 music, built-in 3 mega pixel camera and almost of the same features you can see and experience in a leading touch screen mobile like iPhone and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. The only thing this phone bothers me and makes me think twice to avail it is the unavailability of WiFi or 3G capability. :(

I am looking forward that LG will come up with the same mobile price with an added feature of WIFI or 3G this coming year. To view more features of LG Cookie, click HERE.

LG KP500 Cookie touch screen phone

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December 5, 2008

Twilight Fever!

Twilight movie feverWhile browsing some of the blogs earlier I noticed that even in the blogger's world the TWILIGHT fever is IN! I've read alot of personal reviews from bloggers out there and I agreed with all those positive writings about the movie coz I've watched it and to be honest, I love it! (i feel like am a teeny bopper again!) :)

Some says that it's better to read the book than watching it in the big screen because there's alot of scenes in the book that are not in the movie. Well my say is, they cannot compressed the entire book in a 2 hours movie ayt? The phasing of the movie is good, the actors and scenes are great, so bottom line is, TWILIGHT movie is a success!

To all the youngsters and young at hearts out there who haven't watch the movie, don't miss it coz you'll surely enjoy it! :)

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nice to be back!

It's been a while since the last time I have updated this blog. I can't find time to keep it up-to-date because am too busy at work and my schedules are too hectic. But now, I am back and this time I'll make sure to update this blog even once in a while, probably once or twice a week will do. I miss hopping and reading your blog guys! It's nice to be back! :)

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