October 12, 2008

melamine scare

After the big achievement of China hosting the 2008 Olympics, they're back on the news again, but not because of China phones smashed the the apple ipod in the market but because of the melamine scandal. It has been reported that China's milk and dairy products are contaminated with melamine, an industrial chemical made of laminated plastic usually used in making adhesives and glues which cause a big damage in our kidneys like kidney stones and kidney failure once taken. The report says that tens of thousands children and infants in China are in critical condition and worst, several have died after drinking contaminated milk.

It's really a big scandal for China to be tagged as the source of this melamine scare and labelling almost Chinese products with melamine content would not be a good idea for them, because this will definitely result a big downtrend in their market.

Consumers are now more cautious with the products they buy in the market especially brands that are made-in-china. Some other products don't have a labelled country but here's a little guide for you guys to make sure that you are buying the right brand.

You can determine if the product is made from China through the barcode. The first to three digits of the code will represent the country where the product been made.

Click HERE for the complete list of the country codes.

October 5, 2008

MORPH: can't wait to have this phone!

Nokia Research Center with Cambridge Nanoscience Centre of United Kingdom joined together to make a new concept for mobile phones. They are now developing the Morph concept technology which is a new idea for advance and future phones which uses nanotechnology *(science and technology of building electronic circuits and devices from single atoms and molecules)

They said that this Morph concept technology could cost less but have more functionality; small in size but more enhance features; futuristic but more stylish like wrapping around your wrist like a bracelet! I can't define exactly how surprisingly the features are and how ingenius this technology is! This future concept also displayed at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York from February to May of this year.

Aren't you excited with this phone?! Well, I am tooo excited! So you better take a look at this video! Am sure, you'll be amazed! :)

*definition from the web
*image/s from the net