September 16, 2008

i want my iPhone! :)

Last July 2008, Apple Company, developer of personal computer MAC and itunes officialy released to the mobile phone market it's revolutionary phone technology- iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G is an all-in-one phone, ipod and internet sitting right on your fingertip! You'll just love the features of this gadget not only because of the multi touch display feature but of course with the great widescreen ipod for your music and videos, the rapid 3G wireless and WI-FI technology for best online experience, the 8GB-16GB file storage and a lot more!

Right now, Philippines is one of the countries that have experience this revolutionary phone technology and it was Globe telecom brought the iPhone 3G to the country last August 22, 2008. If you want to see more and experience the iPhone mania, check these sites:

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My Food Trip said...

iphones are really expensive. can't afford them. maybe when i get my xmas bonus ;)


chukoy said...

i think i deserve to have this one ehehe