January 4, 2009

LG Watch Phone Unveiled!

LG G-GD910 watch phone
LG G-GD910 watch phone
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Are you excited with the upcoming gadgets this year? If you still remember those secret gadgets of James Bond and Dick Tracy, we can now see one of those in real life. As an opening salvo for 2009, let's take a look at the latest gadget of LG Electronics, the LG's G-GD910 watch phone which will officially introduce this January 08-11 for the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The LG's G-GD910 watch phone comes with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA compatibility or 3G connectivity mounted with a built in camera for video calling. For texters out there, the watch has a scroll wheel that let you scroll through the letters and numbers and a 1.43 inch touchscreen. The screen might be too small as a virtual pad but don’t worry because it has a support voice-dialing and speech recognition for Text-to-Speech texting. Additional amazing features are music playback and Bluetooth capabilities.

Am so excited to get one! I will surely watch this in the market!


aiLee920 said...


bart said...

this is really COOL!!!

Yol said...

i want this!

Jov said...

hope to see this one in the market this January.. :)

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Wow! This is really amazing! If you have any news about its release kindly post it here please? I'm sure a lot of people are on the lookout in the market for this one. Thanks for sharing!

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sendzki said...

wow...magkano naman kaya yan?? pero cool talaga ah

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jes said...

cool! and i've heard other companies are having that kind of phone too. same structure.

michy said...

nice! i just don't what's on a person's mind if they still lose this kind of phone... peace out!

Anonymous said...

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